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About Us

What is Islamic Renaissance?

Islamic Renaissance is an educational movement aimed at Muslims all over the world, especially Muslims living in the West. We aim to provide a unique analysis on the state of the Muslim Ummah, whilst offering viable solutions and a vision for revival.

We will be:

Providing an analysis on the ideological state of the Muslim mind

Reviving Islamic intellectual thought

Reclaiming our glorious history

Scrutinising the causes for our decline

Exposing the crimes of colonialism

Decolonizing the Muslim mind

Our Vision:

Our aim is to spark an Islamic renaissance through reviving the Islamic worldview of universal justice.

Muslims will reclaim their right to tell the world their story, a story of colonisation, oppression and genocide, and will thus become the authors of their own destiny.

Muslims will unite in a worldwide movement to demand their equality, freedom and justice and acquire their right for self-determination.

This movement will lead to the revival of Islamic Civilisation.

Muslims will become the pioneers of knowledge: of science, of mathematics, of philosophy, of technology, of economics, of politics.

Muslims will become the champions of humanity, striving against every form of tyranny in the world, preserving universal rights of equality, freedom and justice for all human beings.

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