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Introduction to Narrative

Islamic Renaissance is embarking on a new journey, a journey of education. The most important part of this journey is our ability, as a community, to understand the ideological war against us.

Therefore, I introduce to you part one of this module, “Narrative: The Ideological Weapon of Mass Destruction”.

We will be answering the following questions:

What is a Narrative?

What is the power of a Narrative?

How have Narratives been used in the past?

If there were one thing we would like you to take away form this video, it would be for you to think, reflect and spread what you have learnt.

We are no longer relying on our University professors, our Imams at the Mosques, our Scholars from Saudi Arabia to educate us, from today we will be true to the command of God, and we will educate ourselves, no matter what it costs, because the price of remaining ignorant is one we cannot afford to pay.

What we are about to tell you is a threat to our oppressors, because for the first time, you will understand the weapon they have used against us, and you will learn how to overcome them using the same weapon, the weapon of narratives.

The Islamophobic Narrative

Islamic Renaissance is embarking on a new journey, a journey of education. The most important part of this journey is our ability, as a community, to understand the ideological war against us.

We are very happy with the responses we have received since part one of this series, and we gladly present to you part two, “The Islamophobic Narrative”

We will be answering the following questions:

What is our oppressor’s narrative about us?

What impact does this narrative have on non-Muslims?

What impact does this narrative have on Muslims?

Remember to share this video with your friends and family, let’s begin with collective education 😉

Reclaiming the Narrative

We are very excited to present part three of this series, “Reclaiming the Narrative”.

So far you have learnt that a narrative is an ideological weapon of war and this weapon has been used to ethnically cleanse and enslave communities in the past, and is now being used to oppress you and your Ummah.

Now you will learn how other oppressed communities in the past exposed their oppressor’s narrative, reclaimed their right to tell the world their own story, and thus, for the very first time, created a cause for their freedom.

Reclaiming your Identity

The Muslim Narrative

This is the most important lecture in the Narrative series, after exploring what a narrative is, how powerful it can be, how it has been used in the past, and how it is being used against us, we are now propagating the true Muslim narrative, that will inshAllah lead to our freedom.

Of course we cannot do this alone, our role is to share the knowledge we have, but the success of this narrative lies only in your hands. This narrative needs to be spoken, sung and written by all of us. We must collectively propagate this narrative to the world. This narrative must be championed, that’s the only way to achieve our freedom.

We must ignite a Global Muslim Freedom Struggle, where we unite to speak our narrative, expose our oppressor’s narrative, and peacefully resist the oppressive power structure that is hell bent on our destruction.

All information in this lecture has been referenced below:

  • Lost History, Michael Hamilton Morgan
  • Islam, Jonathan Bloom and Sheila Blair
  • Muslim Scientists, Muhammad Anwar Khan
  • Churchill’s Secret War by Madhusree Mukerjee
  • The Revenge of History, Seumas Milne
  • The British Empire and the Muslim World, Francis Robinson

What can you do?

  • Share The Muslim Narrative on facebook and twitter
  • Tell the Muslim Narrative through your art, music, literature, or other influences
  • Propagate the Muslim narrative to all your Muslim and non-Muslim friends

More information on how you can be a part of this global freedom struggle will be provided in the final lecture of this series. Follow us on facebook and twitter to stay in touch.

Deploying The Narrative

What now?

You have learnt everything you could possibly think of about narratives, you completely understand the ideological war you are up against, you understand how other oppressed communities liberated themselves by winning the battle of narratives, you take pride in the true Muslim narrative, what next?

Now we present to you the road to freedom, now that you are armed with the Muslim narrative, it’s time to deploy the Muslim narrative into society by creating a movement for freedom.

This lecture provides us with the blueprint that will ignite our movement for freedom, where each of us understand our role, the milestones in our journey, and the tactics we must use.

We hope you have found our Missing Muslim Narrative educational module useful, thank you for watching.

Let the worldwide freedom struggle commence.