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Who is a Colonised Muslim?

nak paris shooting

When it comes to speaking about the violence towards Muslims, he says “But brother, perfect yourself first!” & “Do you even wake up for fajr?” And he forgets about every commandment of God that says uphold justice and fight oppression, and the stories of the prophets who fought tyrants.

When it comes to violence from Muslims, all of a sudden he is the champion of human rights, holding khutbas on the matter, organising talks, producing videos and memes quoting every ayah in the Quran that states killing innocent people is wrong and narrates every story where prophets showed mercy.

Do not be fooled by such a Muslim. If he truly valued human life, he would show consistency, speaking about all injustices. The colonised Muslim is reactionary, only speaking when he is under fire, fearing for his own safety.

This type of Muslim is in servitude to our oppressors, not God. God commands we speak the truth and stand for justice regardless of who it’s for or against. There is no clause, no small print, no condition attached.

Our oppressors on the other hand, expect us to speak the “truth” when Muslims react violently to their violent foreign policy and expect us to remain silent when they commit terrorism in the Muslim world. And that is what the colonised Muslim does, quoting the verses of the Quran when Muslims react violently – never when we are brutally murdered.

This is why newspaper help to make trends like #YouAintNoMuslimBruv and #NotInMyName go viral.

It conditions us to dance to the tune of our oppressors – it teaches Muslims how to react. As long as we’re apologising and reinforcing the its-an-interpretation-of-Islam narrative we will not be whipped by our colonial masters, but if we step out of line and highlight it had nothing to do with Islam and everything to do with foreign policy, be prepared to be labelled an “Islamist”, “Jihadist”, “Extremist” and any other propaganda word that will make it easier to discredit you at best, or at worst exile and drone you.

So all those Muslims trending the apologetic hashtags, shouting at the top of your lungs “Islam means peace” – whilst we are the biggest victims of terrorism – give yourself a pat on the back. Whether intentionally or unintentionally, you just reinforced a narrative that justifies the killing of Muslims.