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Why Malcolm X Was Assassinated

malcolm x

I finally understand why Malcolm X was assassinated. I can finally comprehend why he is still demonised till this day – why all civil rights leaders are celebrated as heroes except him. This is because his struggle is still relevant till this day, it still threatens those in power.

At first I thought he was labelled as an ‘extreme’ civil rights leader because of his unapologetic approach, unlike other civil rights leader he didn’t advocate a ‘turn the other cheek’ pacifism, but a “I don’t even call it violence when it’s self defense” approach.

As for those who accuse him of being racist, during his earlier period in life he simply adopted the same attitude as was given to him by the predominant white community. However, towards the end of his life, after visiting Mecca for pilgrimage and experiencing people of all colours coexisting peacefully, he abandoned his ‘all whites are devils’ attitude.

My analysis, however, was far from the truth. Only recently, whilst watching one of his lectures, did I realise why he was assassinated and is still demonised today. It was a speech he delivered six days before his assassination:

This speech lays the foundation of the new journey Malcolm X was embarking upon before he was killed. Malcolm X understood that to truly liberate human beings from oppression and slavery, the power structure that is keeping them enslaved must be destroyed. And the only way to defeat a global power structure was through a global movement against the power structure. This is why he attempted to unify the ‘Afro-American community with the African community, and then these two communities with the Asian community.’

Malcolm X was a powerful individual who yielded global influence. If Malcolm X had succeeded in galvanizing all coloured people to challenge the existing power structure, the oppressors of the world would not be able to oppress, exploit and plunder the wealth of the poor. Unfortunately, before his vision could become a reality, he was assassinated.

It is this very International Western Power Structure, that enslaved, and still is enslaving the African continent, that is still exploiting the Muslim world and beyond. It is still coloured people who are subjugated by this power structure.

In order for us to truly appreciate the sacrifice Malcolm X made with his life, we must continue his struggle against the imminent threat of this power structure.

To learn how to become a part of the movement that will defeat this power structure, watch The Road to Freedom now.