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The New Year & The Happiness We Seek With It


Sometimes in life, you have to choose, there’s an easy way and then there’s the hard way, and the easy way isn’t always the right way. When we are born, we are all born with innocence, with an innate conscience that helps you to differentiate between right and wrong, but as we grow older, we become corrupted, we begin to chose the easy way over the hard, and we forget about the importance of right and wrong.  We just become living bodies with dead souls.

When we were created, we were given both body and soul; both have needs that need to be fulfilled. But as we grow older, we start to feed the body and abandon the soul.

Today, we spend most of our lives earning money, wearing nice clothes, thinking and concentrating on our financial and material future, forgetting the purpose that our soul came to fulfill.

Deep within us all, there is a purpose, a reason for our life, all of us have a purpose to fulfill, we all came into this world as a piece of the full puzzle, and if we remembered to be true to our inner calling, we would all fulfill the objective that humanity craves: happiness.

But the problem is that we have become so obsessed in finding happiness for ourselves that we have forgotten that the soul finds happiness in giving, and not in taking.

True happiness is the realization that you have made a difference to someone, that you have made someone smile, that you have done something for someone who can never repay you.

As we will be celebrating the blessing of a new year, we will be setting goals for ourselves, we will be thinking about the home that we want, the relationship that we want, the job that we want, and in chasing all of our material callings we will once again suppress the cries of our soul.

Rather, we should seek to set goals to find true happiness, to be grateful for the home we already have, the relationships we already have, and seek to bless others with what we would want for ourselves, after all, isn’t that the spirit of our faith, to love for others what we love for ourselves?