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Politics is not a dirty word


I absolutely hate how stupid and thick the average person is. The word “politics” has deliberately been demonised in the average person’s vocabulary as “unpopular”/”uncool”/”boring”/”dirty”.

The point is to keep you enslaved, politics is about humanity, it is about lives, and it is about blood that is spilled in your name.

It’s funny, when I was young, my friends used to think I was “uncool and boring” for caring about “politics”. My passion for human life was seen as a craze. I would be asked why I would get so worked up about politics, why I was so serious about it.

But they failed to understand. I wasn’t the crazy one, they were. The average human being is a slave that walks around wearing the freedom badge. But wearing the freedom badge doesn’t make you free.

No I am not normal, no I am not like you, no I don’t fit in. Yes I am angry, yes I am depressed, yes I am overwhelmed by the condition of the world. Yes I do feel lost and alone most of the time, but I’d rather have that then to sell my humanity like most human beings have.

It’s like what Allah says in the Quran, they only wrong their souls. Their soul demands them to live for a cause that is greater than themselves, that is the only road to freedom. But they chase poison wrapped as freedom.

You throw the word “politics” around like it’s a dirty word or an obsession of mine, but the truth is it’s about lives, it’s about the future of this world, and it is the greatest service to God.

Humanity can only advance when human beings realise that happiness can only be achieved collectively.

We can only achieve happiness when we realise we were never sent to achieve our purpose alone, the human purpose was always collective, we must become one before we can reflect the oneness of God and fulfill our mission.