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To Hell With ‘Palestinians’


Wherever I look on social media I keep hearing, ‘Palestinians this’ and ‘Palestinians that,’ TO HELL WITH ‘PALESTINIANS’!

Before you throw your computer at me, wait. I’m not advocating against the movement for freedom, I’m simply highlighting the flaws in our recent uproar. There is so much wrong with the recent Muslim reaction to Palestine and here’s why:

Number 1: It’s Palestine and NOT Gaza. Get it right.

Whilst the Zionist occupation wipes Palestine off the map, we wipe it off the minds of people by using the word Gaza and not Palestine. It is in the interest of Israel to force us to forget 65 years of history, to think that we are fighting for a little strip called Gaza and not Palestine. If we continue to fall for such tactics, how will the generations to come fight for their freedom? They cannot fight for something their ancestors forgot, and thus the battle was lost before it even begun.

Number 2: It’s not #FreePalestine it’s #FreetheUmmah and it’s not “from the river to the sea, Palestine will be free” it’s “from Burma to Palestine, Muslims will be free”. Get this right too!

Demanding our freedom and self-determination within the borders constructed by our colonisers is a trap. You’ve been falling for the same trap for almost a century; it’s time you woke up.

Why are you succumbing to your nationalistic identities? Are your oppressors killing you because you’re an Arab, a Kurd or a Turk? Or are they killing you because you say, “God is One”? We all know that we are demonised and oppressed because we are Muslims, so what strikes me the most is when we naively demand our freedom as Arabs, Pakistanis and Palestinians.

We are so colonised that we demand our freedom based on the very borders that were created to oppress us. It’s like a bird trying to break free within a cage. It makes no sense.

Unfortunately for us, our oppressors are not as naive as we are. Analyse this recent tweet from a Zionist Soldier and you will see that he believes he is killing Muslims and not Palestinians.


So why do I keep saying our colonisers constructed these borders? Well, let me introduce you to two men, Mark Sykes and Francois George-Picot. These British and French Government Officials took out their rulers one day and drew lines on the world map in 1916, culminating in the 1916 Sykes-Picot Agreement that split up the Muslim world into pieces of land. This is where you get your patriotic nationalities.

Do you think I’m exaggerating? Let me put it to you this way, in certain parts of the Muslim world, for example between Pakistan and Afghanistan, we have no physical borders, but because this agreement made this piece of land into two separate entities, we’ve had it engraved deep into our psyche that these are separate nationalities, and we therefore ignore that in this struggle for freedom, our only identity is Muslim.

For example, we have forgotten so easily that the reason for the Israeli occupation is because of the Sykes-Picot Agreement, which gave this piece of land to the Zionists in the first place. And the reason why our Ummah did not stop this from happening then, is the same reason we cannot stop it from happening now. It’s because we allowed our oppressors to shift our allegiances to our nationalities rather than our religion.

And after almost a century of being in this mess, one verse in the Quran could have stopped this turmoil from happening, if only we had reflected on the words of the Almighty:

“And hold firmly to the rope of Allah all together and do not be divided” [3:103]

You see, Allah has already given us the solution, but we’ve allowed our sectarianism and nationalism to make us deaf, dumb and blind.

Even the Prophet abhorred such allegiances as he said: “He who calls for Asabiyyah [Nationalism] has bit on his father’s genitals.” [Sahih Al Jami’ No. 5209]

It has been 98 years since the Sykes-Picot Agreement and we’re still biting on our father’s genitals!

I say to hell with the Palestinian Identity and all other nationalistic identities imposed upon on us by our oppressors. Whilst the world is paying attention to our oppression for once, we are failing by allowing them to forget the greater cause, the cause for the Muslim freedom struggle.

Whilst Palestine is no doubt the heart of this struggle, this is not just about Palestine, this is about one people, under one God, in one struggle: The #GlobalMuslimFreedomStruggle.