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The Scholars Hoax on Palestine

First of all, l would like to commend every individual that has played a part in raising awareness about the plight of Palestine. However, Islamic Renaissance is here to challenge and change the way our community thinks to Inspire Muslims to Greatness, and this includes telling people things that may be difficult to swallow. So here goes something…

Have you noticed how quite a few scholars have jumped on to the Free Palestine bandwagon? I’ve found this really interesting, since all year round Muslim scholars were mute about the oppression of our people and then two weeks ago some scholars lost their minds.

I mean, it was as though the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians had just begun, the Balfour Declaration just signed, the state of Israel just declared. But of course we know this has been going on for 66 years. So why did our Scholars and Imams suddenly decide to speak of this now? Simple: It just became trendy.

Go on the Facebook page of any mainstream scholar and analyse their posts from when the Israeli occupation launched its first rocket into Palestine. Not a single word from them. When did they join in? They joined in when the Muslim rage on social media exploded and spread to millions, in other words, when there was a hype around Palestine, when enough people were talking about Palestine – they too decided to join this bandwagon in fear of being left behind and were the last ones to do so.

After all, how could they keep up with their celebrity scholar complex, and miss out on all the likes if they didn’t talk about the very issue that was on the minds of millions of Muslims? This by the way is proof that as a community we have the power to reform our leaders, if we unite.

But what was happening here was surprising. Muslim scholars began talking about Palestine after the entire Muslim community was talking about Palestine. Stop for a second and think this over. Don’t you think it should have been the other way around?

Instead of the Muslim community influencing scholars to lift a finger and send a tweet about Palestine, shouldn’t they have been the ones to educate us on Palestine in the first place? You know there’s something seriously wrong with our community, when our teachers become students and our students take on the work of our teachers.

Now, you may be thinking: “this is a good start though, hopefully our scholars will do more now” but you’re wrong.

Just wait, and time will prove me right. When the uproar around Palestine dies out, you will see for yourself how these scholars will go back to talking about the Sunnah way of cutting our nails and washing our feet whilst ignoring the Fardh of jihad, the defense of our Ummah.

As I type this, I can already feel the excuses approaching, some will say, “We need to perfect ourselves first” whilst others will say, “Its hard for the scholars to speak out because they are afraid of the government.” If only they had read the book that’s catching dust on their shelf:

“Far better and more lasting is what God will give to those who believe and trust in their Lord.”

Now are you ready for your colonised understanding of Islam to be shattered as Allah explains who actually believe in Him?

“Those who shun great sins and gross indecencies; who forgive when they are angry; respond to their Lord; keep up their prayer; conduct affairs by mutual consultation; give to others out of what We have provided for them, and defend themselves when they are oppressed.” [42:36-40]

From this we prove that defending ourselves is an integral part of Islam that cannot be removed or de-prioritised. It is one of the tenants of Islam and the reason many prophets were killed: “Give news of an agonising torment to those who ignore God’s revelations, who unjustifiably kill prophets, who kill those who command that justice is done.” [3:21]

And even though some scholars are speaking about Palestine, the only actions these scholars have urged us to take is Dua, and Dua without action is like Salah without Sajdah. This is not enough. The duties and responsibilities of a scholar are huge. They will be held accountable for every word or lack of word that misguided the Ummah.

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